KDE, and Rally Racing

First off, I’m very much into old-american muscle cars- I suspect someday when I don’t mind dropping $30k into a toy car, it’d be a ‘69 SS big block camaro. So sweet. While the pic below isn’t a SS, it’s along the lines of what I would want to put together

So now I’m clear on that. The other spectrum are the little 4-cylinder cars that are running around. They don’t do a thing for me, but they are the de-facto standard for Rally Racing. Something about this is so intriging- I guess the romantic aspect of racing on the open road or across some high desert would be a rush. I’ll have to look into more about this- doubt I’ll ever do anything with it, but you never know. If it’s anything like Tai-Chi, it’ll take me about 10 years before I act on it. heh.

Now for KDE. Since the early days, I try each new release. Get pissed off with it (mainly from the random bugs/crashes, and the half-complete software). I have to say since compiling KDE 3.4, I haven’t been back to XFCE 4.2 since. In KDE, the console is the most bad-ass thing ever- being able to send ‘broadcast text’ to multiple windows is beyond cool (I’ll have to remember to use it when I have to make multiple changes across machines), and the double-click selecting is beyond good as well (working with multiple lines, etc.) Very impressive. I have all my hot-keys set up so I can press CTRL+ALT+t, and get a console. The ONLY gripe I have had so far is the clock applet in the corner- there’s no way to specify a date/time format outside of the OS. I’m half tempted to write my own, and see if it’ll get used. In short, kudos to the KDE team for doing such a great job- cut down on the new features, and beat down even more bugs for the .1 relese.

That’s it for now. Short this time. Oh, last night’s Surivovor (Survivor 10) was great- Stephanie is a friggin’ machine, but has this soft side that is nice to see as well. I tip my hat to her.

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